What to Wear in Antarctica


Nicholas Reardon

Prospect Point 66 deg South

The Secret is to build up in layers so letís start at the:


Warm and Dry Feet are a must.

Silk socks as a base layer

Tilley Socks (Mid calf Travel socks) with arch support very comfy TILLEY

Icebreaker Skiing socks ICEBREAKER

Rubber boots (for boat and shore) do not forget fur inner soles.


Underwear and a good quality set of skins SKINS the best I found were from a company called Skins Ltd, just put them on in the morning and forget them, gives you good shape and support, use them when you get home for all sorts of sports activates, invest in the best you can afford, you may not look like Superman but you will feel like him.

Thermal leggings the warmest that Icebreakers do is the bodyfit 260 which is thin but nice and warm. ICEBREAKER

light weight but very strong trousers are next I went for the Tilley Adventure Cloth Classic pants, I have warn them for years and they are indestructible in any climate. I can also recommend the famous travel briefs.TILLEY

Waterproof and windproof over trousers get a good pair mine leaked with sea spray and the wind penetrated them so cold legs, test them in advance in heavy rain or tie a knot in the legs and fill them with water to test them!


Start off with skins next to the skin these will breath just like the real skin and if you do sweat will keep your body nice dry and odor free SKINS

Followed by layers such as the following Bodyfit Atlus 150 long sleeve. ICEBREAKER

Altitude Zip 260 top ICEBREAKER

Conquest zip Thru 320 top ICEBREAKER

Next you will need a wind proof a Landa 380 ICEBREAKER but I personally found the port authority jacket wind proof and very light and comfortablePORT AUTHORITY

Last the Antarctic Coat a SOTTO ZERO Giubbotto Explorer Art 1259 do not know where you can get these but got mine on the ship and it is the best outdoor coat I have every warn and I will take it skiing with me, light and comfortable with a fantastic wind/water proof hood, see my photo top of the page.


Silk followed by thin inner Gloves ICEBREAKER

Next the Outer Gloves I was recommended the SALOMAN Soft Shell Clima Pro, good and warm on land but wet in the boats. SALOMON

If you are thinking of heated gloves remember the batteries will go flat very quickly in the polar cold so take lots and lots of spares, is it worth it, no.


Thin balaclava ICEBREAKER

Very thick pure wool ski hat

Skiing Goggles for the odd blizzard and the frozen sea spray.

Sun Glasses when the sun is bright it is VERY BRIGHT!

Will all this keep you warm? No but you will be a lot colder without it!


Mycoal hot pad hand warmers MYCOAL put them in pockets, in bed or anywhere to give a nice warm feeling.

Walking pole / stick metal point and snow collar,

Paramo Men's Explorer Pull-on PARAMO good all purpose for world wide travel, try it in bed with a couple of Mycoals in the pockets and it is nice it makes for warm sleeping !


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